Househould sewage treatment unit Scavenger

Short Description:

The household unit Scavenger Series is a domestic sewage treatment unit with solar energy and remote control system. It has independently innovated MHAT+ contact oxidation process to ensure that the effluent is stable and meets the requirements for reuse. In response to different emission requirements in different regions, the industry pioneered “toilet flushing”, “irrigation” and “direct discharge” three modes, which can be embedded in the mode conversion system. It can be widely used in rural areas, scattered sewage treatment scenarios such as B&Bs and scenic spots.

Product Detail

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Device Features

1. ABC mode automatic switching(irrigation, toilet flushing reuse, discharge to river)
2. Low energy consumption and low noise
3. Solar energy integration technology
4. The operating power of the whole machine is less than 40W, and the operating noise at night is less than 45dB.
5. Remote control, running signal 4G, WIFI transmission.
Flexible solar technology integration, equipped with mains and solar management modules.
6. One-click remote assistance, professional engineers provide services.

Device Parameters


Scavenger™ Series

Product size


Capacity per day


Product material

Weather-resistant ABS+PP



Operating power


Pocessing technology

MHAT + contact oxidation

Solar energy power


Inflow water

Normal domestic sewage

Installation method

Above ground/Buried

Remarks: The above data are for reference only. The parameters and model selection are mainly confirmed by both parties, and can be used in combination. Other non-standard tonnages can be customized.

Flow Chart of Process


Application Scenarios

Suitable for small scattered sewage treatment projects in rural areas, scenic spots, farmhouses, villas, chalets, campsites, etc.

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