Unpowered domestic sewage treatment equipment (ecological tank)

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Liding Household Ecological Filter ™ The system consists of two parts: biochemical and physical. The biochemical part is an anaerobic moving bed that adsorbs and decomposes organic matter; The physical part is a multi-layer graded filter material that adsorbs and intercepts particulate matter, while the surface layer can generate a biofilm for further treatment of organic matter. It is a pure anaerobic water purification process.

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principle of operation

Black water first enters the front-end septic tank for pre-treatment, where the scum and sediment are intercepted, and the supernatant enters the biochemical treatment section of the equipment. It relies on the microorganisms in the water and the moving bed filler after the membrane is hung for treatment, hydrolysis and acidification degrade organic matter, reduce COD, and perform ammonification. After biochemical treatment, the sewage flows into the physical treatment section of the backend. The selected functional filter materials have targeted adsorption of ammonia nitrogen, interception of suspended solids, killing of Escherichia coli, and supporting materials, which can ensure effective reduction of COD and ammonia nitrogen in the effluent. On the basis of meeting basic irrigation standards, higher requirements can be achieved. The backend can be equipped with an additional clean water tank to collect and treat the tail water, meeting the requirements for resource utilization in rural areas.

Equipment Features

1. The equipment operates without electricity, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

2. Mobile bed fillers with high specific surface area significantly increase biomass;

3. Buried installation, saving land area;

4. Accurate diversion to avoid internal dead zones and short flows within the equipment;

5. Multi functional filter material, targeted adsorption to remove multiple pollutants.

6. The structure is simple and convenient for subsequent filling cleaning.

Equipment Parameters

Device Name

Liding Household Ecological Filter ™

Daily processing capacity


Individual cylinder size

Φ 900*1100mm

material quality


Water outlet direction

resource utilization

Application Scenarios

Suitable for small scattered sewage treatment projects in rural areas, scenic spots, farmhouses, villas, chalets, campsites, etc.

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