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Tongli National Wetland Park Domestic Sewage Treatment Project

Wetland parks are an important part of the national wetland protection system, and are also a popular choice for many people's leisure travel. Many wetland parks are located in scenic areas, and with the proliferation of tourists, the problem of sewage treatment in wetland scenic areas will gradually come to the fore. Tongli Wetland Park is located in the suburbs of Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, the nearby sewage network is difficult to cover, taking into account that once the number of visitors to the wetland park, the park toilet sewage and scenic sewage is likely to affect the water quality environment. For this reason, the person in charge of the park found Liding Environmental Protection, consulting sewage treatment technology solutions and project construction matters. At present, the sewage treatment project has passed the acceptance and is officially put into operation.

Hotel domestic sewage treatment program (3)

Project name: Tongli National Wetland Park domestic sewage treatment project

Feedwater quality: Scenic toilet sewage, ordinary domestic sewage, COD ≤ 350mg/L, BOD ≤ 120mg/L, SS ≤ 100mg/L, NH3-N ≤ 30mg/L, TP ≤ 4mg/L, PH (6-9)

Effluent requirements: "Urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards" GB 18918-2002 Class A standard

Treatment scale: 30 tons/day

Process flow: Toilet domestic sewage → Septic tank → Regulating tank → Sewage treatment equipment → Standard discharge

Equipment model: LD-SC integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment

Hotel domestic sewage treatment program (5)
Hotel domestic sewage treatment program (4)

Project Summary

Tongli Wetland Park not only has a good ecological environment, rich species resources, beautiful natural scenery, but also provides tourists with a variety of tourism services such as leisure and entertainment, farming culture display, nature experience, science and education. Liding Environmental Protection, as a professional sewage treatment equipment and solutions provider, is honored to provide sewage treatment products and solutions for the wetland park, the future company will continue to high standards, strict requirements, to create high-quality sewage treatment projects, dress up the ecological business card of the scenic spot!