Glass fiber reinforced plastic purification tank

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LD-SA improved AO purification tank is a small buried rural sewage treatment equipment developed based on the existing equipment, based on the existing equipment, drawing on the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, with the concept of energy-saving and high-efficiency design for the centralized treatment process of domestic sewage in remote areas with large investment in pipeline networks and difficult construction. Adopting micro-powered energy-saving design and SMC molding process, it has the characteristics of saving electricity cost, simple operation and maintenance, long life, and stable water quality to meet the standard.

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Equipment Features

1. Material: high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic, life expectancy up to 30 years

2. Advanced technology, good treatment effect: learn from Japan, Germany process, combined with the actual situation of China's village sewage independent research and development

3. The use of fillers with large specific surface area, to improve the volume load, stable operation, the effluent to meet the standards.

4. High degree of integration: integrated design, compact design, substantial savings in operating costs.

5. Lightweight equipment, small footprint: the net weight of the equipment is 150kg, especially suitable for areas where vehicles cannot pass, and the single unit covers an area of 2.4㎡, reducing civil construction investment. All buried construction, the ground can be mulched green or lawn tiles, good landscape effect.

6. Low energy consumption, low noise: the use of imported brand electromagnetic blower, air pump power less than 53W, noise less than 35dB.

7. Flexible selection: flexible selection with the distribution of villages and towns, localized collection and processing, scientific planning and design, reduce the initial investment and efficient post-operation and maintenance management.

Equipment Parameters


Model SA Size 1960*1160*1620mm
Daily processing capacity 0.5-2.5m³/d Shell thickness 6mm
Weight 150kg Installed power 0.053kW(without lift pump)
Inlet water quality General domestic sewage Water output standard National standard Class A (excluding total nitrogen)

Note: The above data are for reference only, parameters and selection are subject to confirmation by both parties, combinations can be used, other non-standard tonnage can be customized.

Application Scenarios

Suitable for sub-family rural sewage treatment and small-scale domestic sewage treatment projects in farmhouses, bed and breakfasts, scenic toilets, service areas and other projects.

Technological Process


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