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Jiangsu rural wastewater treatment case [50 tons / day above ground type]

There are many types of small and medium-sized domestic wastewater treatment projects, some with buried design, and some with above-ground design. Senior wastewater treatment equipment service providers have a variety of representative project cases, today we introduce an above-ground rural sewage treatment case located in Jiangsu Ringshui, with a treatment capacity of 50 tons / day.

Project Name: Jiangsu xiangshui rural domestic sewage treatment project
Water Quality Standards: The implementation of the "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards" (GB18918-2002) level A standard
Equipment Model: LD-JM above-ground integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment
Equipment Material: Stainless steel container
Equipment Process: A2O + MBR 

Jiangsu rural wastewater treatment case (2)
Jiangsu rural wastewater treatment case (3)

Project Background

Yancheng xiangshui in recent years to carry out solid rural environmental management work, increase the farming wastewater, black smelly water bodies and rural domestic sewage management efforts. Through river dredging, ecological river construction, rural living sewage treatment facilities construction and other means to comprehensively promote rural revitalization. The person in charge of the local thick pollution project, through the Shanghai World Environment Conference, learned about our products and services, and the local rural sewage treatment is highly compatible, after repeated communication Liding environmental protection is honored to participate in the water area ecological management project in the ring.

Project Highlights

The rural wastewater treatment site is installed above ground, which significantly reduces the cost of civil construction and shortens the project construction cycle. LD-JM integrated equipment can achieve fully automatic operation with remote data monitoring and video monitoring functions, which can realize remote operation equipment start and stop, remote fault diagnosis, remote alarm and push to maintenance personnel and other functions, laying a solid foundation for efficient operation and maintenance management later.

At present, the resounding water living sewage treatment facilities equipment has been completed lifting, the next water quality commissioning technicians will be specialized commissioning. Rural domestic sewage treatment has been the focus of water pollution prevention and treatment of black smelly water bodies, the construction of rural domestic sewage treatment project is an important work to accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Liding environmental protection will continue to provide high-quality products and service solutions for the field of decentralized sewage treatment at the village and township level.

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