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Anhui Changfeng County Single House sewage treatment plant project case

Project Background

Changfeng County is a part of Hefei City, Anhui Province, and is named after the Shouzhou Changfeng Township in the Qing Dynasty, where most of its territory is located. The name "Changfeng" means "long-lasting peace and prosperity". The people's attention to local ecological protection is indispensable for the smooth wind and rain, and long life of body and mind. Therefore, Changfeng County introduced Liding's self-developed household machine Scavenger™ equipment, which has provided effective improvement for rural sewage treatment in the area.

Submitted By: Jiangsu Liding Environmental Protection Equipment Co.

Project Location: Changfeng County, Hefei, Anhui Province

Process Type: MHAT+O 

Anhui Changfeng County Single House sewage treatment plant project case

Project Subject

The main unit of the project is Jiangsu Liding Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., which uses Liding's developed household machine Scavenger™ equipment, equipped with its own MHAT+O process, and the effluent quality is stable and meets the standard of Anhui "Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Discharge Standard". It effectively solves the pollution problem of the surrounding water bodies in Changfeng County and promotes the sustainable development of the local ecosystem.

Technical Process

This project adopts MHAT + contact oxidation process, with MHAT multi-functional area, contact oxidation area, anisotropic flow sedimentation area and filtration and disinfection area. The septic tank or catch basin is lifted by pump or self-flow into the equipment. After first removing large suspended particles through the filtration zone, it then enters the MHAT zone, which can be functionally adjusted according to geographical differences, fluctuations in influent pollutant concentration, seasonal changes and other factors to achieve targeted pollutant removal. Immediately afterwards, it enters the contact oxidation zone, which further degrades COD and removes ammonia nitrogen etc. through aerobic microorganisms. Then it enters the folded sedimentation zone, and after efficient solid-liquid separation, it enters the filtration and disinfection zone, and the final effluent can be used as yard beautification, village greening or external discharge.

Operation and maintenance management

This project is paired with a one-click launch remote assistance function, which can assist in providing specialized solutions online and has a breakthrough soar compared to the traditional decentralized equipment intelligent control. Remote monitoring of the operation of decentralized rural wastewater treatment facilities and operational data analysis can be achieved, and mobile monitoring can be realized through portable devices such as cell phones.

Treatment Situation

Since the equipment is close to the residential living area and the surrounding area is mostly for middle-aged and elderly people, Liding has optimized the noise limit of the equipment to fully meet the requirements of the "0" class area nighttime ambient noise emission limit in the national standard "Social Life Environmental Noise Emission Standard". The operation of the household machine has greatly reduced the emission of environmental pollutants in the local rural areas, and the water output has stably met the standard of Class A. This has effectively improved the construction of beautiful villages and enhanced the rural living environment.

Liding Environmental Protection has been committed to the research and development, construction and operation of integrated rural sewage treatment equipment for ten years. Through continuous technological innovation, we strive to do our best to improve the living environment of one side.